Publix, Port St. Lucie, FL

Anyone I talk to who lives in Florida speaks highly about Publix grocery stores. Not only that, but they also say Publix’s subs are unbeatable. Since part of my travels takes me to grocery stores in search of local products, I stopped in at a Publix. I figured I’d see what they had for local products and also pick up one of those famed subs.

The store itself feels very modern. I did find a good selection of things as I went inside and walked around.

I picked up a few local products along the way.

I then headed to get my sub. I got the ultimate sub with Boar’s head meat. I made sure to get everything on it.

I can see why people like Publix. It is a nice grocery store overall, and I found everything I was looking for. The subs are good, and I did come to find out everyone loves Publix subs including the birds. I’ll leave that for another blog entry.

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