Quality Inn, Bryan, TX

While I’m used to staying at La Quinta’s, I find that Quality Inn (at least this one) appears to be a nice equivalent and almost dead on price-wise. Victoria and I decided to stay at this Quality Inn when we went to the Texas A&M vs New Mexico game.

The Outside:

The Lobby:

The lobby seemed clean and orderly and they also had a cool fountain on the wall.

The Hallways:

The Fitness Room:

The fitness room itself didn’t have a whole lot. I guess it would be good enough if you just did some basic cardio.

The Pool:

The pool was closed off for the season, but I got a few pictures from the fence.

The Room:

The room was clean and on par with what you’d expect at a mid-range hotel. I did notice the walls seemed kind of thin and you could hear noise every here and there as people walked through the hallways or talked in their rooms.

The View:

The view was that of a suburban neighborhood.

Internet Speeds:

Internet speeds were slightly above average from what I’ve experienced in other midrange hotels. The latency was insanely low and some of the best I’ve actually seen in a hotel.


Breakfast was a hot item, both in the temperature of the food and the amount of people there. I could see they were definitely working hard to keep up with the demand. I was happy I was able to get some eggs and sausage and sprinkle some cheese on the eggs.

Business Center:

Other Notes on the Hotel:

I did find it cool that they had recycle bins around the hotel. It does show they care about the environment.

I also found a vending machine that was in higher demand than the breakfast they served.

Overall, Quality Inn’s seem pretty decent. I haven’t really stayed at them in the past, but they’re definitely a neck-on-neck competitor with La Quinta in terms of what they have to offer. If this hotel is representative of the brand itself, I can definitely say I’d stay at another again without a second thought.

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