A Quick E-Brake Adjustment on the Focus

After fixing the burnt out license plate light, I was feeling ambitious. My e-brake had been not holding like it should be and recently it pretty much stopped working altogether.

I pulled the bag cover over the e-brake off to get to the adjustment bolt.

This allowed me to identify what I needed to actually adjust.

I found out that bolt moves kind of freely so I turned it a few times and tested the brake. Eventually, the brake appeared to be holding like it should with the brake lever in the proper position. I decided to test it on the big hill I have to navigate everyday when I’m in the office. I put it in neutral and it held well.

Everything looked good, so I put the bag cover back on.

This fix, including testing it, took 20-30 minutes. I didn’t realize how easy it actually was, but I am happy my e-brake is fully functioning. Maybe it’ll allow me to have a little more fun when I’m up in Wisconsin during the winter. Stay tuned!

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