Readfield Meats & Deli, Bryan, TX

Readfield Meats & Deli has been a staple of Bryan, TX since 1960. Victoria’s grandparents highly recommended I visit there. Victoria and I were finally in the Bryan area, so we decided to drop in. The first thing that is cool and catches your eye is their sign. There’s a big cow on top of it. You really can’t miss it while driving by!

When you walk inside, there are a few shelves of groceries. It’s mainly imported Italian goods. I was told that Readfield’s has strong Italian heritage. It was cool seeing how this was a mini grocery store on top of being a meat shop. These type of stores were a staple of times past, and I’m glad there’s a few that are continuing to go strong.

Besides the groceries is a big meat and deli counter. This is what I came for!

You could tell they were deeply rooted in their community. They had Texas A&M stuff for sale. They also kept true to their game processing roots with a deer head on the wall.

For me, I love beef sticks. It’s something I grew up with in Wisconsin. It’s the reason I took a trip to Canada and tried their version of beef sticks, the pepperette. If I’m going to try one thing at a meat place, it’ll be their beef sticks. I was told that they call these, “Pencil Sticks.”

When I bit into the pencil stick, it was nice and firm. Its texture was also slightly moist. This contrasts with a lot of other Texas beef sticks that I have had that are much drier. The taste is slightly sweet and smoky. There is a nice pleasant aftertaste to it. Overall, they remind me of some of the beef sticks I’d get in Wisconsin. It was delicious overall and meets the taste I prefer for beef sticks.

I’m glad to have taken Victoria’s grandparent’s recommendation and stopped by Readfield’s. Their beef sticks are some of the best I’ve had in Texas! Next time, I’ll need to bring a cooler and buy some of their summer sausage. I’ll see if that compares to what I’m used to from Wisconsin.

We also picked up some bread and pinto bean seasoning. We haven’t tried them just yet, but I’ll have to report back when we do.

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