Robertson’s Hams & The Choppin’ Block, Salado, TX

I’m always up for visiting meat shops and buying jerky. I mean, I have been known to drive 100+ miles for jerky. If you’ve been reading my blog any amount of time, you’ll know that Salado has a special place in my heart. It’s where Victoria and I were married.

In Salado, there’s a place called Robertson’s Hams & The Chopping Block. You’ll see billboards that proclaim, “Real Beef Jerky!” I always would see them when driving through Oklahoma on my way to Wisconsin. I thought they might be a chain, but it ends up there’s only a few of them. All the locations are in Oklahoma, except the one in Salado. I’ve always passed the ones in Oklahoma, but I decided to take a special trip to check out the one in Salado.

When you first walk in, you immediately see the meat case. This always gets my mouth watering!

The store itself has a wide variety of goodies to choose from and food to sample. In many ways, it reminded me of Whittington’s in Johnson City.

Of course, I had to get some jerky.

The jerky was tough. You really had to rip it hard with your teeth and if you weren’t careful, I bet the jerky would win against your teeth. Each bite delivered a mouthful of smoke flavor to it. In many ways, they delivered on their promise. It’s real beef jerky and just the way I like it!

I’m a fan of jerky, but Victoria is not. The opposite can be said with green salsa. Victoria loves them, but I’m not a fan of the texture. It’s a bit too slimy for me. Since I got my jerky fix, Victoria was going to get her green salsa fix.

Texture-wise, this salsa was slimy. That alone makes me not want to eat much of it since it the texture feels phlegmy. This is just how this type of green salsa is and it’s no fault of anyone who makes their own version of it. I’m just not a fan of this texture.

With that being said, I will always give it a try to see how the flavor is. The flavor of Robertson’s Hot Green Salsa was great! It was a bit thinner and mild in spice. It had massive amounts of flavor to it. Victoria absolutely loved it and if I could get past the texture part, I’m sure I’d love to eat massive quantities of it.

I do see Robertson’s has a lot more products to choose from. I do love checking out Salado, so I’m sure I’ll be back. Once I find a good meat shop, it’s hard to pass it up when I’m in the area.

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