Robin’s Donuts, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Unlike Tim Horton’s, I was told that Robin’s Donuts was a Thunder Bay original. Knowing this, I had to make it a point to try it out.

I ordered a breakfast sandwich and was given my coffee while it was being made. In the meantime, I got on the internet while sipping the coffee.

I did notice the breakfast sandwich was microwaved right at the counter. Overall, the sandwich wasn’t bad, but it was a bit generic overall. It had more of the feel of McDonald’s to it and maybe I was expecting it to be a little more unique, like the many other places I visited in Thunder Bay. With that being said, later on my trip, I did hit up another Robin’s or two, so it is by no means bad, it’s just very generic (which often works when you’re on the road).

In many ways it’s cool that this chain was started in Thunder Bay. Being able to claim that is like saying your hometown is where McDonalds, Taco Bell, or some other major chain was founded. I can definitely tell it is setup more like a chain and it delivers exactly what you’d expect from a chain. I was happy to drop by to see something that actually started in Thunder Bay and took off to be more successful. This makes me think it would be cool to start finding the hometowns of other chains and explore them.

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