Rocky Rococo Pizza and Pasta, Deforest, WI

One place that makes excellent Chicago-style pizza is Rocky Rococo. I think there used to be one in Marshfield, Wisconsin but that was before my time. When I lived in Marshfield, I would have to drive 40 miles to either Wisconsin Rapids or Wausau to enjoy it. To me it was a treat well worth the drive.

After leaving the airport in Milwaukee and driving a while towards Marshfield, Victoria and I were getting hungry. When I saw the exit signs say Rocky Rococo, I knew we had to stop. Victoria loves pizza and I knew Rocky Rococo is the perfect place to get it!

This Rocky Rococo in DeForest is attached to a gas station.

That doesn’t matter! They have the same great menu selection!

The inside of the restaurant is a little different since it’s not a standalone restaurant, but you could definitely tell Rocky Rococo puts its touches on the dining area.

I originally wasn’t going to blog about this so I didn’t get a picture of the pizza itself, only what was on my tray.

You’ll have to take my word for it, but the pizza was awesome! The pizza was just as I had remembered it, and it was great that this Rocky Rococo was attached to a gas station (my favorite kind of places to stop for quickly getting everything you need hitting the road again).

I’m sure when I’m in Wisconsin, I’ll stop by another Rocky Rococo. I’ll have to find a stand-alone one and take some pictures. The pizza is great so I’ll keep coming back!

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