Rodee’s Country Fried Chicken, Eagle Pass, TX

When I was visiting the Eagle Pass port of entry, the port supervisor there recommended I try out Rodee’s Country Fried Chicken. He said it was some of the best chicken he had and I wouldn’t be disappointed. He recommended getting the chicken fingers meal and also the chicken gizzards. For supper that night, I decided to take his advice and go.

I did get the chicken fingers meal, but passed on the gizzards. Lucky I did, because there was a lot of food and I wasn’t able to finish what I got.

Another awesome thing is they had Hawaiian Punch. I noticed this another time I was in Eagle Pass at Popeye’s Chicken. It must be popular around Eagle Pass.

For this place, I’m happy I took my coworker’s advice. This place was great! The only other place that compares chicken finger wise is Wally’s in Austin. The chicken itself was very juicy and had a lot of flavor. I didn’t care as much for the fries (this is where Wally’s is way better), but I will say the chicken is some of the best I’ve had (so far). I will definitely have to hit this place up again next time I’m in Eagle Pass.

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