Rosa’s Cantina, El Paso, TX

“Out in the West Texas Town of El Paso…” I bet you can already hear Marty Robbins singing the rest. Come to find out the Rosa’s Cantina that he mentioned in the song is a real place. While I was traveling between the main El Paso office and the SIU office, while doing work in El Paso, one of the agents pointed this out as we were driving right by the border. The last time I was in El Paso, I checked out another famous and historic bar, just across the border in Juarez. I decided it would be cool to see some more history considering this bar was opened right after Prohibition.

I walked in and the place reminded me of just any old regular bar and grill. The interesting thing is this bar wasn’t anything special in the whole scheme of things. It was just a neighborhood bar that a lot of smelters from the nearby smelting factories would hang out at. It only became famous because it caught Marty Robbins’ eye when he was driving through El Paso. Other than that, it’s just a regular blue collar bar and grill.

I sat down at the bar. The interesting thing is there wasn’t any Mexican music that played the whole time I was there. The song that was playing when I sat down was, “Shine on You Crazy Diamond,” by Pink Floyd. The rest of the time it was classic rock. Like I said, it definitely felt like a sports bar more than anything. I wasn’t going to be “that guy” who played the song on the jukebox. I’m guessing that song is heard all the time when it is played by other tourists. I just sat down and took in the scenery.

I went and got a menu and could tell their menu was heavily influenced by Marty Robbin’s song.

I felt it was best to try the Mexican food being this close to the border. I ordered a Mexican plate and can tell you this is some of the best Mexican food I’ve had. It was pretty amazing!

After eating, I walked around and got a few more pictures. You could tell they had a lot of memorabilia on the wall and supported UTEP (University of Texas- El Paso).

Just like the Club Kentucky in Juarez, it was really cool to see this piece of history. The food was also amazing so, just like Chico’s Tacos, I’ll definitely have to make this a regular stop when I am out in El Paso.

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