Rosie’s Diner, Aurora, CO

After our long drive to Colorado, we were hungry. Victoria’s dad suggested we go to Rosie’s Diner in Aurora, where he lived. It is one of his favorite places to eat. It is styled after a 1950’s-style diner. It definitely took you back in time!

There was a mini-jukebox at the table that you had to manually turn through pages of the songs it listed. It also had 1950’s prices at 2 plays for a quarter.

Since they served breakfast all day, and that fact I was in Denver and also love omelettes, I ordered a Denver omelette.

It came with this doughy tortilla.

The food definitely hit the spot and I can see why Victoria’s dad is a regular here. The retro feel and atmosphere, as well as the homestyle cooking was a bit like a time machine to an era I was definitely not alive in. It was cool to experience it!

On the way out I found the best picture they had on the wall. This one was dedicated to Mercury Cougars!

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