Route 66 and Country Classic Cars

When I was driving past Marshfield, Missouri and to Ferguson and The Arch, I noticed a lot of old collector cars driving in packs with each other. At first I just thought it was some people taking a day off and cruising with their buddies, but after a while, it seemed like there were too many of these packs of cars for just a couple people out cruising. That’s when I started seeing billboards and signs for Route 66 and it all made sense.

I didn’t get a chance to snap a picture of the packs of cars because traffic was too heavy and each time a pack of cars did come, it wasn’t the best opportunity to take a picture. One a previous trip to St. Louis, I remember driving past a place and it seemed like there was half a mile of collector cars lined up. When I saw it, I quickly exited to check it out. The place was called Country Classic Cars. I was excited to find out that it was on my route and I also had some time to check it out.

I found out I arrived 10 minutes before they closed. Last time I was able to walk around and look at all the cars, but this time I just had a little time to snap a few pictures.

It definitely seems like a car show with all the collector cars. The awesome thing is, unlike a car show, every car here is for sale. If you see a car you like, it can be yours.

Next time I make my way up, I will have to stop at a time when they’re not about to close. The last time I was there, it was amazing to see all the cars in detail.

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