Router Replacement Day Trip to McKinney

It’s always nice when things go smooth. This trip was actually about as smooth as it could get. The router was outdated at our McKinney site and needed to be replaced, so I planned to come on site and replace it. It’s a 4 hour drive to McKinney, so I assumed that there would be some kinks and it would take a while to get things up. I had a hotel room booked and then hit the road in the morning. This time I got the Impala instead of an Explorer.

The traffic was actually really good, even going through Dallas. I made it to the TABC building, which was shared with the Texas A&M Agrilife Extension.

The agent who was waiting for me was impressed on the time I made. Because I get comp time for working over 40 hours a week, I’m essentially paid by the hour and have no incentive to speed. He was even more impressed when I said I basically drove the speed limit the whole way there.

I was able to plug into the router and this time it just worked! Normally, we have a hiccup or two and it takes a little time. Realizing 95% of my work was done and it was only around 12:30PM, I knew it wasn’t worth sticking around and staying the night like I had originally planned. I was actually able to cancel the hotel room. This is the first time I was able to turn what I thought would be an overnight trip into a day trip!

I finished up the remaining work and then hit the road again. I again encountered no major holdups with traffic. The traffic was actually amazing considering I seem to always get caught up somewhere. I can say this trip was very successful and I’m hoping my upcoming trips are like this also.

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