Royalton Hotel, Thunder Bay, ON

The Royalton has a long, storied history. It is, in fact the oldest continuously running bar in Thunder Bay. Rumor has it that Neil Young met Steven Stills there. I’m sure many other famous (and not so famous) people have passed through its doors in its 80 years of business.

The ownership has changed, but I heard the old Italian owners were characters. They had a very strict code of conduct which included no swearing. Many people would imbibe a little too much and let a few curse words out that would get them thrown out the door. I started visiting Thunder Bay in 2013, so I wasn’t able to actually see this. I’ll have to live on the stories that are passed down.

Since 2013, I have went to the Royalton many times, but never blogged about it as an individual place. This time, I decided to swing by and get a few pictures.

When you walk in, you can feel the history. The place itself is hard to fit into one category. On one end it has a dive bar kind of feel. On the other end it’s open enough to make a decent music venue. Most of all it’s a piece of living history. It seems like the times have changed, but the decor has stayed the same. I guess history has a good way of meshing it all together!

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