Sams Kamp K-9, Youngsville, LA

Doggie daycare and boarding has become a big thing in the past decade or so. My aunt Connie was quick to realize this trend when it was first starting. In 2005, with a lot of hard work between her and my uncle Bince (David), they founded Sam’s Kamp K-9.

The business was built from the ground up. It was literally started in their back yard. My uncle did the grunt work of building the physical location. My aunt worked on logistics of getting a business in order. Over the past almost decade and a half, they have built it to be the successful business it currently is.

Recently, the business has been passed on to my cousin Amber and her husband, Anthony. Amber started to help run the business after her graduation from college.  After a while, my Aunt Connie wanted to finally retire. The circumstances made it perfect to pass Sam’s Kamp K-9 on to Amber. It would now be a second generation business.

On my last visit in 2015, I took a few pictures of the kennel. On my latest visit, I was given another tour. Before the tour, I started taking pictures of the outside. When the business started, people would park in my aunt and uncle’s driveway. They would then take a sidewalk back.

Now there is a parking lot for people to park a little bit closer.

As I was taking the pictures, someone pulled up and asked me if I was Sam. Many people think that Sam is the name of the owner of the business. Sam is actually the black lab my aunt and uncle had when they moved into their current house. They named the business in honor of that dog.

After talking to the guy for a minute, I headed to the building.

This is very much a family business. When I came up to the door, Amber’s niece Isabella was waiting for me. She was excited to show me around with her aunt Amber.

I went inside and saw the office area. There were many pictures on the wall of the regular “Kampers.”

If you wanted to pamper your dog, they offered that too!

Once I got a view of the office, I went into the behind the scenes areas. Here is the dog wash area.

From there I saw a list of the Kampers. There’s definitely a lot of dogs that make this place their second home!

The front area is the intake area and also a quieter place for dogs. Some people request their dogs stay in this area, especially for older dogs.

We then went outside. I got to see the outside kennel area and also the grassy areas for the dogs to go to the bathroom.

A short walk over is the play area. This is where all the fun happens!

While a lot of fun happens out there, so do bathroom breaks. They’re ready for that too!

The dogs have the choice to be either inside or outside. It was time to go inside and see the indoor part of the kennels.

As I said earlier, it’s a family affair. Isabella and her mom Shannon were giving some dogs love and attention.

When I came back to the office, Anthony had also joined Amber there. You can tell they take pride in their business!

Touring Sam’s Kamp K-9 was pretty cool. I remember when my aunt started the business and it’s amazing to see how it grew. It’ll be amazing to watch it continue to grow as my cousin Amber takes the reigns!

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