Savory Spice Shop, Austin, TX

The nice thing about Austin is the abundance of specialty shops. One of these specialty shops is Savory Spice Shop. They sell a bunch of spices and even blend some of their own. When you read other entries in this blog, you may think Victoria and I eat out almost every meal. In reality, we only eat out a few times a week, usually on the weekend. The rest of the time we try to cook as healthy as possible (in a lot of ways to balance the times we do eat out).

A spice shop, actually not too far from our apartment, is perfect for our at-home cooking.

When you walk in, you can see there’s a ton of spices for each taste!

Spices can be a messy business. I see they have a Roomba on task to help clean things up.

They have a whole bunch of bottles for smelling and sampling the spices. It makes sense this could cause a mess.

The store itself is cozy, but when you consider how small spice jars can be, it’s pretty crazy thinking about the sheer selection they have!

There’s even a window in the back that lets you see where all the magic happens.

Victoria and I got our spices and took them to the counter. They had some samples there.

I even saw some candles from Artisan Market. You can tell they’re rooted into the local business scene as ATX Homemade Jerky and Artisan Market is in Elgin and sells pretty much only local products. It’s awesome seeing two businesses work with each other!

We got our spices and went home.

The first spice was salt free Cajun Seasoning.

If you’ve ever had Cajun food, it can be salty. While this makes it absolutely delicious, it isn’t very healthy overall. This salt free Cajun seasoning packs a mild heat to it and a nice blend of flavors.

The other spice we got was the Hill Country Gunpowder. I mean Austin on on the edge of Texas Hill Country and Texas definitely loves guns, so what more local of a name could you get for a spice?

This spice does have salt in it and it balances the salty taste with a smoke taste. Its main intention is to give anything that charcoal-grilled taste without having to fire up the grill. This is good for those triple digit days in Texas where you want to enjoy the air conditioning and still have grilled-tasting food.

I really like Savory Spice Shop. It has about every spice I could ever need. I’m definitely going to have to come back and start trying new spices!

I see they’re on Amazon. If you’re curious about trying their spices click on the following link:

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