Scaling the Texas Mexico Border Day 1: Down Brownie

One thing about driving from Austin to the border is it’s at least 4-6 hours. Driving was the majority of my first day of scaling the Texas-Mexico border. This time, I got the black Ford Explorer. I loaded it up full of the routers and GPS antennas that I would be installing at the different port of entry (POE) locations. Today I’d be heading to Brownsville and doing some work there. Heading there reminded me of the song, “Down Brownie,” by ZZ Top.

I cancelled my XM radio back in late 2013. They have been spamming me ever since to rejoin and the offer of 6 months for $30 was too good to pass up now, especially with all the traveling I had planned.

The nice thing about the Explorer is it had a little ledge I could set my GPS.

I set the GPS to Brownsville and headed out. By lunch time, I needed gas. I decided to stop at Stripes.

The cool thing about Stripes is they have the Laredo Taco Company. They make excellent tacos and it was definitely good for lunch while I was driving.

The day was turning into an oven, but that is normal for the border area.

I made it to the Veteran’s bridge and installed an antenna with geofencing.

My next stop was the Brownsville B&M bridge.

I also installed an antenna and geofencing. Since the goal was to try to stay as close to an 8-hour day as possible, and driving to Brownsville was over 6 hours, this was all the work I had planned for the day. I headed to the hotel.

By the elevator, it had La Quinta carved in fancy granite.

Since I stay at so many La Quintas, it appears I was upgraded to a junior suite, which was definitely nice.

I also got my bag of goodies.

I’ve been trying to eat healthier and have a bunch of canned fish in my pantry so my supper consisted of the bag of goodies and a can of mackerel.

Talking about being healthy, I decided to work out in the fitness room and also got a good night’s sleep for the next day.


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