Scaling the Texas Mexico Border Day 2: Hitting Up the Valley

After doing my work in Brownsville, it was time to move on to some other spots in the Valley. I started my day with a standard La Quinta breakfast of eggs, sausage, and hot sauce. This La Quinta also had some cheese, which was very good on the eggs.

When I walked out, the sun was just peeking up.

The following was my itinerary for the day:

I made it to my first stop of the day, Los Indios. I replaced the router there with a cellular Cisco 819.

You could definitely tell you were in the Valley with all the palm trees.

My next stop was Progreso. This time I was able to park in the employee’s parking lot instead of the other parking lot like I do on other visits.

I hopped over the border and took a lunch break in Nuevo Progreso to get some cheap liquor. You can tell this border crossing has been around a while since the, “Welcome to Texas” sign was a bit faded.

My next POE was Donna. This is where a wrench got thrown into the gears. The powers that be decided to overnight a Surface and add this to my itinerary. I had to already planned to replace the router, but some of the steps required before the Surface deployment weren’t done so this set me back in my schedule.

It was also very hot out.

For the Surface deployment, since some steps weren’t done prior to shipping out, I had to let some things sync up. While that was going on, I went over to my last stop planned stop, for the day, of Pharr to replace the router.

I went back to Donna afterward and found out things had not synced up. I decided that I would come back to next day to hopefully finish things up. I decided to do the next day’s first planned stop so I could buy myself some time and hopefully keep on schedule. I drove over to the Hidalgo POE and put a GPS antenna on and did geofencing of that router.

After Hidalgo, I headed to the hotel in Pharr. It looked a bit like a country club.

It definitely was still hot, but the wind helped a little bit.

The room was a standard room, unlike the night before.

I decided to have a can of harvest potato soup and another can of chicken dumplings I bought from Aldi.

After a longer than expected day, I decided to get some rest right away to be ready for another long day the next day.

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