Scaling the Texas Mexico Border Day 3: Holy Law Enforcement

After the little schedule mix up on day 2, I headed back to the Donna POE to hopefully finish the Surface deployment. The news was on in the breakfast room and I found it kind of ironic they had hot cocoa at a time they were saying there would be record breaking high temperatures.

I had a bagel with some eggs and salsa.

When I got out to the car and it was already 79 degrees. I realized it was indeed going to be a hot one.

I got to Donna a little early and had to wait for someone to open up the gates there. I got to watch the sunrise as I sat a parking lot.

I decided to whip out the work laptop and catch up on emails and paperwork.

I had the XM radio going on deep tracks and found it ironic, “Going to Mexico,” by the Steve Miller Band was playing.

Finally, someone came and opened up the POE. I got to work with the Surface and a few other things they asked. By the time I left, it was a hot one.

My next stop was Anzalduas. I had to replace the router there.

After doing that, I realized it was even hotter.

My next stop was Laredo. I needed gas and was getting hungry so I decided to stop at Stripes again. This time I got some mini-tacos and chicken strips, along with a burrito.

On the way, it was kind of flat and brushy. One thing I noticed is there was some sort of law enforcement almost every couple miles. It seemed I’d either run into border patrol, local cops, county cops, or state troopers. I have never seen this amount of law enforcement so close to each other for so long.

One interesting thing I found along the way is how the lines were painted. Instead of having a single center line, there appeared to be a foot or so gap between them. I have never seen this like this before.

I finally made it to Laredo (and also didn’t have any law enforcement encounters along the way, despite their presence). The Laredo bridges are under construction so things are temporarily moved. I first dropped by the tax office to do some work there.

They have a clear view of Mexico.

The TCO (tax collection officer) who was going to take me to the other bridge was in the middle of something so I had a few minutes to walk down close to the river and take a few pictures. I find the first picture ironic since it seems everyone was parking under the bridge. I’m guessing they were doing it for the shade since it was so hot.

I finally went to the other bridge. There were a lot of customs cars parked in that area.

Close to the bridge, you might as well be in Mexico. It is just like Nuevo Laredo in terms of the streets.

It was definitely very hot. It’s insane to think it’s October!

I’ve stayed at this Laredo hotel many times before. It was the same type of room with basically the same view. The only difference is I was at the end of a long hallway.

I did get some goodies again.

This La Quinta has a happy hour. It was definitely good at eat a sandwich, some nachos, and wash it down with a beer after a long day.

Again, it was another long day and I made sure to get enough rest for the next day The next day, I’d basically be leaving early and driving 10+ hours to El Paso.

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