Scaling the Texas Mexico Border Day 4: Desolate Nothing

After spending the night in Laredo, I had a long drive to the Fabens POE and then El Paso. Just driving alone to El Paso would be close to 10 hours. The area I was going to drive through was in the middle of nowhere West Texas. This is the kind of place you don’t want to go under half a tank of gas, because the next gas stop might be a hundred miles away.


I started the day off with some eggs and beans.

I knew a cold front was coming through, but it did look like a start to a hot day.

I ate an early breakfast and hit the road early. It was cool seeing the natural gas flares as the sun rose.

Now with the cold front coming through and an expected 30-degree difference in temps, I knew I’d probably be in for storms. The clouds looked a bit threatening.

It didn’t rain, but after a while of driving, I stopped for gas. The clouds still looked threatening.

It did sprinkle on and off every here and there after I got gas.

In the middle of nowhere, I did get a glimpse of a scenic river carved in the rocks.

Overall, the scenery was good, but it was desolate nothing.

I stopped for some gas, food, and to take a leak. The clouds still looked threatening.

The gas station was a  bit old. I had to go around to the bathroom outside and the key was attached to a milk jug.

I got a cheeseburger and a Monster energy drink for lunch.

I finally got onto I10. It was still a lot of desolate nothing, but at least the speed limit was 80mph.

Everyone once and a while a random gas station would pop up. If you were around half a tank, you better get gas.

After a couple hours of driving, I decided to stop at a scenic lookout area to stretch and get some fresh air. I do find it funny that, if you pitch a tent, the fine can be $1.

It did cool down substantially.

I eventually got to Fabens, TX. My GPS couldn’t really find the bridge, so I followed the signs. It took me down this desolate road.

I finally made it to the POE. I installed a GPS antenna and geofenced the router.

One thing is, the closer you get to El Paso\Juarez, the more fortified the POE’s are.

There was this cool art thing by the entrance\exit.

To get back to I10, it was more driving down desolate roads.

I eventually got to the Holiday Inn Express downtown

…Which ironically was right across the road from the El Paso office.

The room itself was pretty nice.

I could see the view outside of the office and to the left, Juarez, Mexico.

After a long day of driving, I got to bed right away. I’d have another long day ahead of me.

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