Scaling the Texas Mexico Border Day 5: Working in El Paso

After a long day of driving from Laredo to El Paso, I was set to work in the office and have an agent take me to the POE’s that I needed to work on. In El Paso, the POE’s are extremely secured and it’s hard to get to where you need to be without having an access card. Since agents have to dump out confiscated alcohol they have the access needed. It’s much easier that I just ride with them and they escort me in while I do my work.

I started the day by seeing the nice sunrise.

The Holiday Inn Express breakfasts are just like La Quinta breakfasts.

My commute was literally walking across the street.

I did some work in the office and then the agent took me to the first POE, the Paso Del Norte (PDN) bridge. As you can see, it was highly fortified.

I had to install a GPS antenna and enable geofencing here. I was also asked to setup a computer. After that, we hit the road for the Bridge of the Americas (BOTA).

After that it was getting to be supper time. We decided to hit up a Mexican restaurant. I got a Mexican plate.

After we ate, I was dropped off at the office and the special investigations (SIU) sergeant picked me up. He drove me to the SIU office. I’m not going to show pictures of this (nor did I even take any) since it’s a private location, but on the drive, I did see the sun start going down and it looked pretty cool.

After I performed the work there, we drove back to the office. I got to see some of the lights of El Paso, New Mexico, and Juarez.

One thing I love about El Paso is everyone is always giving me recommendations of cool things to see or showing me the cool things. We drove past the San Jacinto Plaza and it was all lit up.

It ended up being another long day, but the week was finally over. I put in around 55 hours for the week and it was definitely good that I would be able to relax for the weekend.


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