Science Mill, Johnson City, TX

When most people come to Johnson City, they come for the unique antique and other shops that sell arts and crafts. It is known as more of a little city in the Hill Country of Texas to get away from things. That’s why it’s kind of surprising when you see a science museum in the middle of all the antique shops.

Science Mill is actually an old converted grain mill that has a bunch of interactive displays. I can see it being the perfect place to take a group of children for a science class. I went there with my parents when they were visiting Austin and we saw what this place had to offer.

After you paid, you got these QR code readers that you made your own avatar with. There were readers by many of the displays that you could scan your QR code and it added another level of interactability.

Out in their lobby, they had a K’NEX ferris wheel and some plants to represent an ecosystem.

Next was a display that picked up electromagnetic waves from a cell phone. If you made a call or sent a text message, it would show it picked up those waves.

Next to the electromagnetic display was the history of the grain mill.

Further down the hallway was a display on the history of water.

As you walked down the hallway, you could see they did a nice job restoring the inside to have a rustic feel, but leaving the actual grain silos themselves a bit more original to display the history of the building itself.

The next display was the Fractalarium. This had a bunch of cool colors with it.

The next display has a bunch of sand that you could build mountains and then it would make a topographical map.

It would then rain if you held your hand a foot above it like a cloud.


The next set of displays were all clustered in a couple other bigger rooms. You could do things like look in a microscope, look at the body of an animal or play with an interactive lung, play with wind power and alternative energy, make circuits boards, and a bunch of other cool things.

It was a bit cold outside, but I see there were a few other things out there.

This museum is obviously geared more towards children, but adults can have fun here also. Even though this place is off the beaten path a bit, I can see where it can be a good escape from the otherwise hectic city!

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