Shu Shu’s Asian Cuisine, Austin, TX

They say don’t judge a book by its cover. In many ways, this can be applied to Shu Shu’s Asian Cuisine. While I have heard praises from several people about this place, your first impression says sketchy restaurant. Not only did the outside have that of 70’s decor, the light on the sign on the building was burnt out and the sign from the street just flickered.

Looks can be deceiving because when you walk in, there is a more upscale feel to it.

The menu has a decent selection and you know they’re always cooking when you can see fire (but obviously not smoke) coming from the grill.

We ordered our food and put our number down at the table. There was soy sauce and chop sticks awaiting us there.

I got the Dragon’s Breath Lo Mein noodles. I also experimented around with their different sauces.


Victoria got sweet and sour chicken.

The food was great and there was a ton of it. So much, I stuffed myself and then stuffed the to go box. I was definitely not letting this food go to waste!

Of course, being at a Chinese restaurant I had to to get a fortune cookie. This fortune cookie seemed like it could have some practical knowledge I could follow in terms of this blog, “Apply yourself to the basics and progress will follow.”

For wifi, I did not have the password, but I did see they had wifi.

Overall, this place was great. Like I said, rolling up on it you’d think it was sketchville, but the food is anything but. While I haven’t sampled a ton of Chinese restaurants beyond buffets like World Buffet or fast food chains like Panda Express, I can say this place has become my current measuring stick on good Chinese food.

I know they take great pride in their homemade sauces and fresh ingredients and it really shows. I can definitely see why everyone has talked so positively about the place and I have a feeling it might be a hard task finding places that compare. Maybe other places will compare, but I can never see a place like Panda Express tasting the same after eating here!

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