Shumka Dust, Thunder Bay, ON

I’ve been meaning to blog about Shumka Dust for a while. This is something I bought on a previous trip to Thunder Bay. I use it on a regular basis.

Shumka Dust is a great season-it-all sort of spice that kicks the spice up and the salt down. This makes it unique compared to many other spices I have used. Too often, spices are merely loaded with salt. The other flavors are an afterthought. Shumka Dust takes an opposite approach of keeping the salt content at bay while cranking up the volume on the other flavors. What you get is a robust combination of flavors that ignites a little fire in your mouth.

I’ve found Shumka Dust works well on pretty much everything, but I’ve really came to liking it on sweet potatoes with bell peppers. It makes them taste amazing!

We chop up sweet potatoes and peppers.

Next, we put them on an oven sheet and add olive oil and Shumka Dust.

Then they go in the oven for a while.

Finally, whala! You get great tasting sweet potatoes.

Shumka Dust is local to Thunder Bay, so I always make sure to pick some up on my trips there. It’s sold in many of the small shops I love to visit. My sweet potatoes would be lacking without it!

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