Shumka Superior Steak Spice

Before I leave Thunder Bay, I like to hit the grocery store and bring some things I can put in my pantry that I can use to remind me of Thunder Bay between my visits. One such product is the original Shumka Dust. Since Kaitlin does a great job with the original Shumka Dust, I decided to try her steak seasoning, Superior Steak Spice.

One thing that is really appealing to me is that salt is not used as a filler. This means the ingredients left have to speak for themselves. In this steak seasoning, they definitely do with a very bold and robust flavor! I like putting it on burgers.

Shumka Superior Steak Spice is one of those things that helps keep my Thunder Bay memories alive when I’m sitting at home half the continent away. I definitely love the flavor they add to my burgers!

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