Smith Bros Meats, Colby, WI

As you may already know, I like to visit meat shops. Where I live in Central Texas has a lot of great places to visit. When I visit my native Central Wisconsin, there are also many great places to visit. I dropped by Smith Bros. Meats in Colby to see what they had to offer.

The inside was cozy, but they had all the staples of a good Wisconsin meat shop including summer sausage and beef sticks.

Now, you probably know I love jerky. When I asked if they had any, I was told they didn’t but their smoked beef strips was something comparable. I bought that and some dill pickle beef sticks.

The dill pickle beef sticks really just tasted like beef sticks. There wasn’t really anything dill pickle to them at all. The smoked beef strips were another story. They were moist and chewy with an explosion of flavor. The moistness was like the jerky I absolutely loved from Bogdala’s in Thunder Bay. While the dill pickle beef sticks really didn’t live up to their flavor (they were decent as normal beef sticks), the beef strips blew me away with its flavor. I definitely know what I’m getting next time I drop by Smith Bros. Meats!

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