Snow and Not Getting the Cougar Out

Last year, I took the Cougar out in late May. I found out this year, late April was a bit too early. It was still snowing on and off in Wisconsin. Obviously, there wasn’t enough snow to actually do anything with, but that didn’t stop my buddy Bob from firing up his snowmobile. He was moving, so he had to load it on the trailer anyway.

I just got back in the nick of time to avoid a big snowstorm in Thunder Bay, but it decided to also snow in Wisconsin on April 27th.

With this snow, I wasn’t taking my chances with the Cougar. I definitely do not want that car to see any salt, so it was going to stay put. I did, however, decide to put the new registration sticker on the car and get a quick glimpse of it.

After a quick glimpse and sigh that I couldn’t take it out, I put the cover fully back on.

I guess taking the Cougar out, will have to wait until my next visit. It was nice getting to see it, but I can’t wait to make the engine roar. I guess that’s Wisconsin weather for you. It’s nothing to get snow in late April and even May!

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