Sovereign Room, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Sovereign Room or “Sov” is actually the first bar I visited in Thunder Bay. It’s the bar that, on my third trip to Thunder Bay, JP thought it was a good idea to chug a couple 6% beers and would eventually be puking in the snowbank. This is also the place where I have met numerous friends that I keep in regular touch with and hang out with each time I come up to Thunder Bay.

Another nice thing is, it’s literally a block away from the Prince Arthur Hotel. I usually will check in there and then, when I hit the town, Sovereign Room will be my first stop.

The place has a more chill atmosphere and is a bit quirky. They do have good food. This visit, I did not eat there, but I have in the past.

They have a lot of local beers, so I tried the Northern Lager.

Overall, this place is great and is one of my favorite bars in Thunder Bay. This is where I’ll typically start, and often end, my night when I’m up in Thunder Bay.

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