Spec’s Liquor

When I talked about how massive the liquor department is at Woodman’s, my girlfriend suggested we check out Spec’s. It is supposedly the biggest in Austin and, when we decided to go when we had a few minutes to kill, it did look kind of massive on the outside.

Walking in, it did seem like it looked outside.

One thing I noticed is they seem to have very long wine aisles and their selection of wine is more massive than Woodman’s.

They did seem to have a decent selection of liquor. One thing I found ironic is they had the whiskey I like to drink (Canadian Hunter) right next to the whiskey that my dad likes to drink (Windsor Canadian).

They did have a good selection of local liquor.

While they definitely have Woodman’s on wine, Woodman’s has them on beer (must be a Wisconsin thing).

Also, the fine foods part isn’t a part of Woodman’s since the rest of the store is a grocery store.

I decided to get a bottle of Soju.

Overall, this looks like the place to go in Austin to buy alcohol. I’ll have to check it out more and really look at the selection and maybe start trying a few new things (especially local beers). We just briefly went there and maybe in the future I will spend a little more time looking around.

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