Speed Testing Every Rest Stop to Wisconsin

When you travel as much as I do and do data-intensive things like blogging, you start to become sensitive to data speeds. Location seems to be everything and a few miles of driving can make the difference between being able to use the internet with ease to not being able to do it at all.

With blogging, there’s often times I need to check social media or upload something. During a day of driving, blogging is a much needed break from the road, and it’s great rest areas have picnic tables that I can do my work on.

Rest areas are great places to work, IF I have good enough data speeds. I won’t bore you with all the details, but I decided to stop at every rest stop along the way from Austin, TX to Marshfield, WI and see how well I could work from each location.

This really amounted to me stopping for a couple of minutes, running a speed test, and then hitting the road again.

I stopped at every rest stop and parking area that I could see along the way. Some were closed, so I wasn’t able to run a speed test there. I wasn’t planning this super heavily and just would pull over every time I saw a rest stop, picnic area, or parking area sign. I may have missed a few along the way.

This was more of a rough experiment to figure out where I could and couldn’t use the internet to work if I decided to pull over at a designated rest stop.

Overall, the results weren’t too bad:

I did find a few dead spots, specially in Southern to Central Oklahoma. Otherwise, I could work from the majority of rest stops. It was an interesting experiment, but I’m happy the coverage is better than I actually expected it to be.

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