Spring Creek BBQ, Frisco, TX

Spring Creek BBQ is a BBQ chain based out of the Dallas-Forth Worth (DFW) area. It has locations all over the DFW and Houston areas. I visited the one in Frisco.

The inside of the restaurant has a very rustic, old-school BBQ joint feel to it.

Just like many BBQ joints, you get in line and pick out what you want. There is a lot to choose from, and every meat is insanely enticing. You can see it’s nice and juicy and not dried out like a lot of BBQ joints. They also have a wide selection of sides.

The tables and booths are very Texas-themed. They also know it’s good to have paper towels there for their juicy BBQ.

I got the smoked turkey, mac and cheese, potato salad, a pickle, and a roll.

The turkey was absolutely perfect! Often times BBQ joints will let the turkey dry out and it’ll be kind of nasty. This turkey was perfectly juicy with a ton of flavor. I can say it’s some of the best smoked turkey I’ve had so far!

Another awesome thing about this restaurant is they kept coming with rolls. They were hot and fresh, and you could chow down on as many as you wanted. They were really on top of their game making sure you didn’t run out of rolls!

In the meantime, I did check for wifi but didn’t see anything.

Overall, this place was great! It had some of the best turkey I’ve had. Everything tasted very good, and I was impressed. If I’m in the DFW or Houston area and I see a Spring Creek BBQ, I’ll definitely have to stop again!

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