St. Paul Roastery, Thunder Bay, ON

Coffee. It’s one of those things I’m hopelessly addicted to. It doesn’t matter where I travel, I need to get my fix. When I was in Thunder Bay, I decided to drop by St. Paul Roastery and see what they had to offer.

St. Paul Roastery is a cozy coffee shop that has everything tucked in just right. They have even found space to put their coffee roaster on full display!

They have a decent selection of coffee and there’s a lot of other enticing goodies on the counter.

There’s also wifi available to get some internet browsing done.

I sat by the window and looked outside. It was a cold and rainy day so some hot coffee would hit the spot. The way the coffee is served is also very unique.

I was able to get my caffeine fix here. It was nice to slow down a little bit, drink some hot coffee on a cold day, and just watch the traffic pass by. The coffee was also really good!

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