St. Vital Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba

The last time I was in Winnipeg, I didn’t have a data plan that worked well (or cheaply) in Canada, so I stopped at St. Vital’s Centre to get my bearings and figure out places to go. The food court was also nice and I was able to get some Tim Horton’s, among other things. They also had an HMV where I was able to buy my ABBA CD to cruise to during the blizzard I had to drive through.

This time, I didn’t need any coffee, but decided to do a bit of a walk around.

Sadly, the HMV was out of business so I couldn’t buy another CD for my drive. I had to keep on walking.

At the end of my walk, I decided to sit down on the couches by the food court and rest my legs on the stumps they had there.

As I was taking the pictures above, a guy sitting on another couch asked if I was playing a game. I told him I was a travel blogger and was taking some pictures for my blog. I talked with him a bit and found out he was originally from Italy and loved Winnipeg. There was another guy who was sitting close that I found out was from Thompson, Manitoba.

It was interesting to talk to these guys and get their perspectives on things. The guy from Italy talked about how Winnipeg was the friendliest city in the world. I chuckled and agreed but then said, “I think overall Canada is the friendliest country in the world.” To this date, I haven’t really encountered that many rude Canadians. After talking a while, I decided to get going, but it was nice to take a stroll around the mall and also talk to a few people while I was there.

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