Steak Feed at Eagles Club, Marshfield, WI

The Eagles Club in Marshfield is a place for the Fraternal Order of the Eagles to meet. It is also a popular wedding venue. I’ve been to a ton of weddings there and even blogged about one of those weddings. Besides weddings, it also serves as a venue for steak feeds.

Steak feeds are dining events where you order a steak, they cook it, and then you get your food in a buffet-style line. While you wait for the steak to be cooked, you usually wait in the bar. When we got to the steak feed, that’s what we did. You could tell you were in a Wisconsin bar by the cheap prices and also a sign on the pool table saying you have to be 12 to play on it.

When you order your steak, you specify how you want it done, and you get a number. When the steak is done, they call the numbers out over a loud speaker.

Once your number is called, you go inside the dining area to get it. You also get all your sides.

After getting everything, you take it to the table. Of course, there’s milk to also go with your steak. Remember, it’s Wisconsin!

A couple of my uncles were also at the steak feed. Some of them really like their milk.

I was really hungry, so I ate everything.

Once I was done eating, I walked back out to the main lobby. I always find this poster funny. It appears it was put up in the 80’s and hasn’t been taken down ever since.

The steak was good, and it hit the spot. I was hungry and finished everything. I know steak feeds are common in Wisconsin, but I couldn’t tell you if it’s just a Wisconsin thing or more widespread. I just know they’re a good place to get cheap steak.

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