Strictly Discs

I am very minimalist and do not collect much. One thing I do like is music so this is one of the rare things I collect. I own hundreds of CDs and love to buy the whole album to discover new songs that I would have never heard on the radio. When I lived in Madison, I found a place called Strictly Discs. They sold used CDs for cheap so I was able to build my music collection on the cheap. Almost every time I go to Madison, I stop at Strictly Discs to buy a couple CDs.

After visiting the Wisconsin State Capitol, we headed to Strictly Discs. I know Madison like the back of my hand and the route I take takes me right next to Camp Randall.

The store is on Monroe Street tucked away in a little corner with a neat store front.

When you first walk in, there are bunch of CD’s.

I usually make it over to the used CD section right away to browse.

I have received many free CD’s from their “Buy 12, get 1 free.”

The name Strictly Discs is a bit misleading since they also have a ton of vinyl.

You will see they were voted one of the best in Madison. I know I like to frequent this place.

They definitely take the missions of getting physical with your music seriously.

They have a cool turntable with the same message.

Until this visit, I didn’t realize they even had vinyl downstairs since I don’t have a turntable and usually only buy CDs. They have a ton of vinyl!

Last time I was at Strictly Discs, I hit my 12 CD count to get a free CD. This time with my purchase of UFO, Motorhead, and Mott the Hoople, my count is up to 3 again.

Next time I go to Madison, I’ll definitely hit up Strictly Discs again. It is always good adding more music to my collection, especially for all the long road trips I take.


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