The Stupid Street Parking in Austin

Just like the crappy roads of Texas, another crappy thing about the roads is the lack of enforcement for people who park facing the wrong way in Austin. It seems parking on the street is a free for all and it really doesn’t matter how you park in an open space, as long as you are parked in the space itself.

I have never been to a city where people parking facing traffic is so common. Normally, if someone parked like this, there would be tickets all over their vehicles. When I went to Billy’s on Burnet to watch the Packer game, I saw the first example of this on the two-way street we we had parked (correctly) on.

Upon walking a little further on the same road, there were 2 cars that decided to park stupid. The truck in the first picture below is parked correctly.

As I outlined in my post about the poorly engineered Texas roads, a lot of streets are very narrow. There are also a lot of one-way streets. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between the one-way and two-way streets since everyone is parked so stupid.

I bet the City of Austin could start enforcing the parking laws and make a ton of money. If parking like this is legal, they really need to look into making it illegal, since the I could see where someone might mistake a one-way street for a two-way street since the orientation of parked cars currently seems to make no difference.

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