Surface Deployment in Arlington

As you can see, I have been doing a lot of running around Texas to deploy the Microsoft Surfaces. Arlington is one of the biggest offices we have, so this week was going to be the first week I was in a single office due to the amount of people I needed to deploy to. Tommie, who worked with me when we ran cables last time I was at Arlington, was going to assist me with this deployment.

After driving 3000 miles in a week to visit Wisconsin and then break down in the middle of nowhere Iowa on my way back down, it was going to be nice to be in a single spot for a while. Another nice thing is the commute from the hotel to the office is literally 3 minutes. It’s even shorter than my Austin commute! From the office window, you can see the hotel (and vice versa).

When we got to the office, we found out there was a miscommunication with the contractor that ran the rest of the cables. We didn’t have live jacks for the Surfaces, as the contractor never patched down the cables they ran. Another project that was coinciding with the Surface deployment was installing wifi. We got an access point working and I was able to use that in the mean time.

We then got a hold of the contractor and cleared some things up. At first we thought we’d have to patch the cables down, but the contractor really went above and beyond by not only patching the cables for us, but doing a phenomenal job cleaning up our network closet. The differences are night and day and the end result was beautiful, in my opinion.

With the contractor cleaning up the network closet and getting live jacks, it threw us back on schedule. Each day was pretty much a standard 8 hour day. I was able to get everyone deployed pretty quickly. When everything was said and done for the week, I had 41.5 hours in. That’s definitely a lot less than the close to 60 I had in a few weeks prior.

The hotel was the same La Quinta we always stay at.

As usual, my living at La Quintas for this project, got me an elite snack bag.

I decided to also bring my own snacks. My air popper made a good snack…

…while I watched the Packers finally win a game against the Eagles.

Tommie and I are kind of starting a tradition. Last time, we went to Wing Stop, so we decided to go again one night after work.

We also hit up Dino’s Subs, which is definitely a cool old school sub shop. On Friday, I finished up and loaded up the vehicle. I am lucky we now have Ford Explorers, because it was packed full of old equipment to bring back.

On my way back, I needed to fill up for gas. I found that previous slowest gas pump ever was not in fact the slowest gas pump ever. I found a slower one at the Corner Store. After putting the $0.45 in worth of gas, I followed my GPS and found another gas station along the way that could pump the gas much faster.

I made it back to Austin and got my exercise taking all the old equipment in. I worked a little later preparing for the next week’s deployment, but when everything was said and done, I had probably one of the closest to a 40 hour week where I was on the road the whole week that I had ever had.

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