Surface Deployment in Houston

Just like the week prior in Arlington, I was set to spend the whole week in Houston deploying the Microsoft Surfaces. Houston and Arlington seem to compete on who is the biggest office in the state and there is always a lot of work to do at each site.

Monday, I left a wet Austin.

I got to play a game I used to play up North called, “Count the cars in the ditch along the way.” Normally you need snow to play this game, but Texas drivers seem to go in the ditch anytime it rains. I counted 3 cars on my way to Houston.

I made it to Houston and started setting up all the Surfaces for the deployments scheduled in the upcoming days. I pretty much got everything ready at the agent’s desk so they just needed to sign in. I also got a little exercise in having to move some heavy desks to get to the network jacks.

I worked a bit late and was greeted with rush hour traffic. I think Houston traffic has Austin beat in this respect.

It took me close to an hour to drive 15 miles to the hotel. The hotel itself was a newer La Quinta.

I was hungry, so I went to a Church’s Chicken next door. There was 1 person in front of me and it took 5 minutes for them to take this person’s order. I waited another 5 minutes without them even acknowledging me. They appeared short staffed, but my patience was getting short. Luckily, after 10 minutes total they took my order and got the food to me quick. It was fresh, so I’ll give them that.

It was humid the next morning…

…and a bit chilly for Texas standards.

I got to fight more traffic.

My staying late on Monday paid its dividends. Most of the agents showed up on Tuesday, since it’s their normal office hours day, and I was ready to set them all up, even though many had been scheduled to come in again Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I was able to all but a 4 out of over 20 setup in a single day. The day was productive and I decided to check out Carl’s Jr. for supper. I had never been to one, and I know Hardee’s is pretty much the same thing. I found out they were pretty much one in the same.

The hotel had a happy hour with beer, nachos, and cheese and crackers.

Wednesday was the same traffic fight, but this time traffic was backed up to the point I was stopped at a green light.

For the most part, I had everyone setup so it was more of a matter of getting the remaining agents done and doing some other tasks on my list. The break room is right by the network closet and I noticed they had a really old pop machine.

When carrying some stuff down to the vehicle, I noticed there was a car parking in the parking lot with Wisconsin Packers plates and a lot of Packer stuff in it.

After getting all my tasks done for the day, I headed back to the hotel. I walked to Fadi’s Mediterranean Grill and had supper. The next morning was another fight in traffic.

I had 1 person left to deploy, they came in and I got them up and running pretty fast. It was funny because he apologized thinking he was being a pain, but he was actually one of the fastest and smoothest deployments. Overall, the deployments went pretty smooth overall, so I was happy with the whole process. I took the final load to the vehicle and it was pretty full.

I quick swung by the deli on the first floor for a turkey and cheese sandwich to eat while wrapping everything else up. Later that night Tommie and I headed to Fadi’s.

The next morning, I thought the traffic back to Austin was going to be bad, judging by the intersections.

It ended up not being too bad.

By the time I got back to Austin, I was 12 miles from needing an oil change again.

I took it in for service at the same place I did a month prior.

While that was being done, I walked over and got some fish tacos from La Salsa.

When I got back, I put the company vehicle in the cage. I parked my car in what I thought would be an area where nobody would really park next to me. I was wrong and this idiot made it very hard for me to get in my car when I got done with work.

The week in Houston was productive overall. I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel in terms of getting this project done.There is a rumor another wave of computer refreshes are coming up so I wonder how much of a gap I will have between this project and the next. Anyways, it’s almost nice to travel and see new things and it’s starting to become weird when I’m sitting at my actual desk in the main office.

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