Switch Replacement in Lubbock

It’s that time of year. Year-end money needs to be spent, so they are upgrading the security systems at some of the sites. This includes putting in cameras at some locations. As the case with having to replace flaky routers in McAllen, we had to replace the switch in Lubbock because it could not do power over Ethernet and the cameras require this to connect to the network. Since this had to be done by the end of the month, this was my next trip to take.

It had been raining for a while in Austin, and I headed out in a rain storm. The first part of the drive was very wet, but it soon went from flood to drought. The first part of the drive sucked because I had to slow way down due to the water on the road and the fact that, at times, my windshield wipers couldn’t even keep up. It was nice when the sky started becoming blue again the road became dry.

This time, instead of staying at the La Quinta like one of the last times, I stayed at the MCM Elegante. I’ve stayed at this in Beaumont and Odessa.


Just like Beaumont and Odessa, there was the 10 Commandments out front.

This one seemed very big on Texas Tech.

The room itself was more modern than the other ones I stayed at.

As you can see, it was much drier outside than Austin has been.

Since there is a Walmart behind the office, I just decided to get a salad and some pita chips for supper.

This hotel actually had a breakfast buffet.

I had to get some eggs and bacon.

The next morning, it was really nice. It was around 62 degrees! Unlike the week before in McAllen and Brownsville or pretty much the whole summer in Austin, this felt amazing to walk outside.

Replacing the switch was my first morning task. You could tell it had been there a while and was pretty nasty with dust.

For lunch, there was a place next door called Steak Express.

For $14 you can’t go wrong on a steak lunch!

For supper I grabbed some pizza from Walmart.

The next morning, I found the had added some extra things to top my eggs off with, so I went a little gung ho.

Now the ironic thing is, I ended up behind this guy both mornings on my way to the office. The only reason I really remember it is I remember seeing the back truck windows popped and thought it would be a good idea just to put down the windows as I drive. I’m so used to Austin where it’s almost 80 at that time of morning and also very humid. It was a cool 65 and not so humid so driving with the windows down felt amazing. I just found it ironic I ended up behind the same guy at the same light 2 days in a row.

On the way back, I noticed some new drilling activity for oil wells. I know oil has been down a while and came slightly back up, but it must be up enough that they want to start drilling more wells. I saw at least 3 different sites they were drilling new wells.

The way back was like the way up. It was clear in Lubbock, but the further south I drove, the cloudier it became. Eventually, it started pouring super hard again and I had to slow way down. It’s nice it’s bringing the temperatures down so it’s not oven-like, but after a while, the humidity and wetness gets old. I guess the summer is hopefully coming to a close and hopefully we’ll get 70-80 degrees again come this fall.

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