Taburrito, McAllen, TX

I drove past Taburrito once or twice while in McAllen and thought that the donkey they had as a logo looked kind of cool. Eventually, Facebook marketing got the best of me and reminded me to try this place out when I was in McAllen. Being down near the border, I was looking for a good street taco and this place delivered on that. It was also really cheap overall, especially for a place this good.

I ordered my food and then they first brought the beans out to eat while the rest of the tacos were made.

Like any good Mexican restaurant, they had both the green and red sauce.

It ended up being their grand opening sale. It was a buy one, get one free deal. I told them to put my free one in a to go box, because there’d be no way I could eat it all. For $8, I got an amazing amount of food that gave me 2 big meals.

Besides 2 big meals, the tacos were great! I see this is a small chain with a few restaurants around the border. It would be cool if it made its way up to Austin. I know I definitely enjoyed the tacos and the next day it made an awesome lunch for me!

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