Taco John’s, Marshfield, WI

Growing up in Marshfield, there were 2 choices for Mexican food: Taco Bell and Taco John’s. Obviously, everyone knows about Taco Bell, but Taco John’s is a bit more regional. I haven’t seen any in Texas (then again, unlike Marshfield, there’s a lot more choices for tacos in Austin). With that, I preferred Taco John’s over Taco Bell growing up and still remember the jingle, “There’s a whole lot of Mexican going on, going on at Taco John’s.”

In the whole scheme of things, Taco John’s is like Taco John’s, but their menu is a bit different.

They also have a small salsa bar.

I ordered 2 crunchy tacos and a street taco. I do like how they season the taco meat, so I love getting their crunchy tacos. They just started offering street tacos, so I decided to try one. It’s honestly on the pricy side compared to many street tacos I’ve eaten, but it’s good nonetheless.

One thing that Taco Bell makes that is amazing is their Potato Oles. The Potato Oles are effectively tater tots with their special seasoning. If there is one thing you get at Taco John’s, it’s the Potato Oles (which I know pretty much every combo meal comes with them).

They also have pretty good wifi for free wifi.

Overall, even with all the tacos I eat in Austin, I like the eat at Taco John’s. Their Potato Oles are unbeatable and it does remind me of growing up, because out of the 2 Mexican places in town (historically speaking because 2 authentic ones popped up in the meantime, but that’s for another blog entry), this was the best one to go to.

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