Taco Libre, Edina, MN

When I was in Minneapolis with my future brother-in-law, we wanted to grab something to eat. I looked for nearby restaurants and found Taco Libre. We hopped in the car and stopped to check it out.

Living in Austin has refined my tastes when it comes to tacos. I wanted to see what was offered in Minnesota. Upon arriving at the restaurant, I could tell they had a really cool vibe going on.

The menu also had a wide selection to choose from.

I ordered and then went to the soda machine and got a Mellow Yellow.

I put my number down on the table.

The hot sauce bar looked enticing. I went over there and got my sauces.

My steak taco plate arrived. The tortillas were so hot I had to wait a bit for them to cool down.

While I was waiting for the cooling I noticed the paper on the tray had some cool designs on it.

Those Minnesota tacos tasted great! The steak was moist with blasts of flavor in each bite. The lettuce, tomatoes, and sour cream were fresh. The rice and beans also had good flavor. I gobbled all the food down and didn’t let anything go to waste. I was stuffed after eating all of it, but satisfied I had a good meal.

I definitely like Taco Libre. For a taco place this far north, it met my standards. Michael, the Native Texan, also approved. If I’m ever in the Twin City suburbs and am craving tacos I now know where to go!

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