Taco Palenque, Brownsville, TX

One chain that always seemed to catch my eye when I was around the border was Taco Palenque. I never got the chance to go there on past visits, but I found this one was close to the La Quinta I was staying at in Brownsville. Being a chain, it felt a bit like a Taco Bell, but with a salsa bar and a million times more authentic.

I ordered the Matamoros Taco combo. I got my number and they brought the tacos out. There was steak in them and they were great! There was also some soup served with it and it was really good. Like I said, this might be a more South Texas chain, but for a chain it’s authentic as heck!

Also, unlike Taco Bell, they had wifi. Actually, they had amazingly fast wifi!

Overall, I was pretty impressed with this place. I think when I’m down near the border, I’ll have to hit it up again. Luckily I saw a couple dot the towns I usually frequent when I’m doing work down there.

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