Tacodeli, Austin, TX

There’s no shortage of taco places in Austin and Austin is the king of breakfast tacos. One taco place I have been looking to try is Tacodeli. They are more focused on natural and organic ingredients and seem to have a bit of a cult following. Basically, they have so much of a cult following, I attempted to go there several times and the place was completely packed with nowhere to sit. I finally was able to find a time when it was packed, but at least there was a place to sit.

Just like Flyrite Chicken, they had the cane sugar-based Maine root soda.

Their tables are pretty cool.

They also had a nice salsa bar.

That salsa went good on the breakfast tacos I got.

Unlike a lot of other taco places, their hours are a bit more limited and they’re only open until 3pm. That means only breakfast and lunch. You almost have to be selective about which time you go in their limited hours or you won’t get a seat. I can tell it’s for good reason, because the tacos are pretty good!

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