Tailgaiting at Texas A&M

One observation I have made is there is a stark difference between the North and South when it comes to tailgaiting. Being a Native Cheesehead who has been to Lambeau Field many times, I have been traditionally accustomed to Northern tailgaiting. With Northern-style tailgating the goal is to party as hard as possible and put down as many beers as you can in the parking lot before having to pay the insane stadium prices once you’re in the game. It’s also often very cold, so alcohol kind of helps with that. Often times, people will get rowdy and loud, but it’s all in fun and always a good time.

With Southern-style tailgating, it’s way more chill. People will have a few drinks and there will typically be a pretty big selection of food, often including BBQ. It’s more of a quiet hangout before the game where everyone relaxes before going to the game. In many ways it reminds me of how people up North sit around the fire.

Before we went to the Texas A&M game, Victoria and I dropped by one of her old boss’s tailgates and hung out for a while. While it wasn’t loud and rowdy, they did do a few jello shots. It was just a generally relaxing place to be before we were set to get loud at Kyle Field.

I was so full from Antonio’s Pizza that I only had a beer (I had to pass up on jello shots). It was a fun time talking to people and getting ready for the game.

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