Taqueria El Taco Loco, Brownsville, TX

As you can probably see by this blog, I love tacos. When I was visiting Brownsville, I asked a friend in the area on a good place to eat and he recommended this place. We both met up there and this place proved to have excellent street tacos.

Overall, the restaurant was a cozy little place. It was kind of tucked behind one of the main drags.

On all the tables were a red (roja) and green (verde) sauce. I found out that this is standard of any good Mexican restaurant. Both were good and had varying degrees of spiciness. I was told they were made in house.

The tacos themselves were pretty cheap. I ordered one of each of their $0.95 ones. When they came, I couldn’t tell which one was which one for the most part, but they were all great!

I washed it down with some Mexican fruit punch.

The internet speeds weren’t bad for free internet.

I was glad I got in contact with my friend and met up with him at this restaurant. His recommendation was good and I love grabbing street tacos when I’m close to the border. They make them great down there and this restaurant was a prime example of that!

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