Tarka Indian Kitchen, Austin, TX

Growing up in Marshfield, besides Mexican and Chinese, there wasn’t a lot of variety when it came to ethnic foods. The first time I ever had Indian food was at a coworker’s baby shower about 4 years ago. He was originally from India, so obviously Indian food was going to be on the menu. I remember that he actually had to get the food from Appleton, which is 100 miles away from Marshfield.

After trying Indian food, I definitely liked it. By moving to Austin, there is a ton of variety of different types of ethnic food and also many types of each restaurant. Tarka is a local chain based out of Austin that I enjoy eating at. After my musical road trip, Victoria and I decided to go there to eat.

They even have Maine Root soda (as well as tea and other things), which is a bit on the higher end and sold at places like Flyrite Chicken.

The restaurant is a fast casual one with a bit of a drink menu. After getting our (non-alcoholic) drinks, we sat down and waited for our food.

They even have wifi, with halfway decent speeds.

A little while later, our food arrived! I got the Daal with some Naan bread.

This place makes good food and it’s the only Indian restaurant that I have been to multiple times in Austin. I do love Indian food so hopefully I’ll be trying more places, but this place makes excellent food and so far has me as a repeat customer.

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