Taylor Meat Company, Taylor, TX

Nestled right next to the Taylor welcome sign is Taylor Meat Company.

Taylor Meat Company has everything whittled down to the essentials, meat and a few items you would find at a backyard BBQ.

One thing that I noticed right away was their red hot dogs!

I had originally came for jerky, but their jerky was in such high demand that they were out. Their jalepeno dried sausage caught my eye instead.

I got that and when I mentioned my blog, I was given some red hot dogs to try.

I tried a red hot dog in the car. I was bracing myself for a firecracker of heat.

Instead, the hot dog had a mild taste to it. It tasted old fashioned, kind of like a hot dog my grandpa would have fixed with his German potatoes. I was full from all the other meat places I visited, so I brought the dried sausage home to try later.

When I tried it, I was wowed! At first the outside was greasy. That’s usually a bad sign for me as I’ve found a lot of dried sausage can be greasy on the outside and is super dry on the inside with what feels like chunks of lard in between everything. This wasn’t the case! The dried sausage tasted much like the beef sticks I love that come from Wisconsin. It was moist on the inside and beaming with flavor. There was a slight spice from the jalepenos. Everything blended well and for little sticks like this, this is some of the best dried sausage I’ve had so far in Texas!

Judging by everything I tried, I’m going to have to go back to Taylor Meat Market to try their jerky. I’m sure if it’s anything like their dried sausage, it’s going to be great!

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