Terry Black’s BBQ, Austin, TX

For the first stop on the Texas Monthly BBQ Passport, I headed to Terry Black’s BBQ in Austin. When I got there I could see the place was very popular, judging by how many cars were in the parking lot.

The outside of the restaurant has the feel of an authentic BBQ joint, including the pits, which you could see the smoke billowing from them.

Of course, they had to add a little area to get pictures and put a touristy feel to it.

When first coming in they had some frozen to go BBQ and also a bunch of sauces.

You could tell the place was popular by the line.

It was a bit of a wait, but the way they had it setup was pretty efficient. You first could get your drink out of a big cooler.

Once you got your drink, you proceeded to the buffet-style serving trays. You then grabbed a tray and started loading it with sides and desserts.

Finally, after getting what you wanted for sides and desserts, it was time to get what brought you here in the first place, the BBQ.

After all the waiting in line and finally getting some food, it was time to sit and chow down. The inside of the restaurant was just like the outside and had a very authentic BBQ joint feel.

I got a brisket sandwich, some macaroni and cheese, potato salad, and a piece of cheese (yes very Wisconsin of me). While I like places like Pok-e-Jo’s, this BBQ was world’s better. My frame of reference for good BBQ used to be Pok-e-Jo’s, but it is no longer. This was the best BBQ I have had so far and it set the bar substantially higher on how I judge good BBQ. The sides were also really good.

Terry Black’s was my first stop on the Texas Monthly BBQ passport. This is where I actually picked up my book and got my first stamp. I’m glad this was actually my first stop, because they did an amazing job and set the bar extremely high for me to judge the other BBQ places. I do love that this place is in Austin, because it makes it much easier to frequent it. I know I’ll be back!

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