Terry Fox Memorial and Lookout, Thunder Bay, Ontario

When I’m in Thunder Bay area, I always like to also drive up to Nipigon. There is a Facebook called, “Thunder Bay Memories,” where people post a lot of pictures and also historical things about Thunder Bay. I asked them for recommendations on places to visit while I was up, and one suggestion was the Terry Fox Lookout.

On my way to Nipigon, I saw signs for the lookout and memorial and instantly remembered the recommendation that was made. I decided to turn in and check it out. This memorial is around the approximate location where Terry had to stop his run. It is actually a very scenic place to go to. It does a good job dedicating to the heroic efforts of Terry Fox, as well as shows the natural beauty around Thunder Bay.

Now the story behind Terry Fox is actually pretty inspirational. After battling cancer and having his right leg amputated, he was discouraged on how little money was being raised for cancer research. He had devised a plan to run all across Canada, from east to west, to raise money and awareness for cancer research.

He had trained to run on a prosthetic leg and the running was actually a bit of a hobble. He endured a lot of pain while pushing himself basically 26 miles, or a marathon a day. He ultimately ended up having to stop by Thunder Bay due to his cancer returning, but was able to run for 143 days and 3,339 miles.

He ultimately brought light to the need for more money for cancer research and his legacy has raised a ton of money for cancer research. There is now a Terry Fox Run that takes place throughout different parts of the world. It has raised over $700,000 million Canadian Dollars for cancer research.

You can read more about Terry’s story at Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terry_Fox

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