Texas Cheese House, Lorena, TX

Growing up in Wisconsin, cheese is a way of life. Being America’s Dairyland it’s obviously in abundance and consumed often. I have found a good amount of cheese in Texas still comes from Wisconsin, so it’s cool to hear about cheese that is made locally. One of Victoria’s coworkers, who was originally from Wisconsin, recommended the Texas Cheese House and said they had good cheese. I know fellow Wisconsinites can be very discerning when it comes to cheese, so this was definitely a place I needed to check out

There are several billboards on I35 by Lorena for the Texas Cheese House. Now, I was imagining this Texas-sized mega cheese mart-sort of place that sold tons of cheeses, so I was surprised when it was this cozy little shop with some tables to sit down and eat at.

I also found out the cheese was made right there in a small vat in small batches. This definitely ups the local and artisan factors to the cheese. After talking to the guy behind the counter that I assumed was the owner, I found out he likes to try making different cheeses and his selection is always rotating. This means there’s always something new, which is a plus to keep you coming back.

I decided to get the taco cheddar. It was very sharp and added a lot of flavor to anything I used to it in.

It was cool to find a place that makes cheese locally in Texas. It’s also cool the fact that it’s made in small batches and the selection varies. This means there’s always something new to try and a reason for me to keep stopping by. The sign on the billboard makes it seem like it’s a large cheese house, but this cozy little place packs large character and is definitely worth visiting.

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